The working principle of the Marley Air 4.0

Due to legal conditions and a heightened sensibility regarding the cost of heating and energy, the meaning of controlled apartment ventilation has increased over the last few years. Marley Air 4.0 allows you to easily implement an intelligent management of fresh air in your house or apartment.

Marley Air 4.0 uses a high-quality ceramic element which saves the heat of the outgoing used air. After 70 seconds, the unit switches the direction and cold, incoming fresh air is heated. Thanks to the broad surface of the ceramic element, up to 80% of the heat can be recovered.

Effectiveness can be optimized by the interactive use of two units. In interactive use, Marley Air 4.0 is even eligible for KfW subsidies.

The remote makes the controlling especially comfortable. Adjusting the devices is easily possible via wireless technology. Marley Air 4.0 is equipped with a G3 exterior filter that permanently ensures excellent air quality. The filter element is easy to change without any tools. Matching replacement filters are available in the Marley shop.